The search engines return millions of pages after typing "what do you live for". Are you ready to spend your entire life searching for an answer to the ultimate question: "What do you live for?"

We have the answer for you now

It's perfect for us - but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be for you.

We are real and virtual friends all over the world. Check it out for yourself. If you feel that the words below could be applied to you, congrats! You are in the right place.

The Statement

If the world around you doesn't fulfill your expectations, and thoughts like "What do I live for?" and "What is the meaning of my life?" keep bothering you, we need to talk. It's not a feeling of melancholy, and no medicine will cure it.

Rather the answer is you are so special. The black dot in you heart has just begun to grow. You are in the beginning of your path. Thousands of people were shown that way and they are on the move already.

Age, religion, race and gender don't matter. Find out the truth about yourself.